Spaces micro office


Second Year University Project

Spaces is a company that specialises in hot desking for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The brief for this project was to design a micro office for Spaces, located in Leeds, and for it to include a café, event and meeting space, work area and a break/relax area.


My concept was personality and to allow consumers to personalise their workspaces to help with productivity.


The basement floor is the event and meeting area with tiered seating, projector screen, a stage and booth seating. The ground floor is the reception and cafe area. The first floor is the work area with a Personalisation Station where consumers can choose items, like lamps and plants, to take to their workspace. There is varied seating to fit to each style of working including soft seating and standing desks. The second floor is the break/relax area which includes a mixture of seating for socialising and relaxing.

spaces perspective ground floor receptio
Spaces office dining table.jpg
spaces office booths perspective.jpg
spaces booths .jpg
Spaces office basement perspective.jpg
spaces office basement tiered seats.jpg
Spaces office first floor sofas.jpg
Spaces office first floor
Spaces office personalisation station pe
Spaces office personalisation station pe
Spaces office exterior of personalisatio
Spaces office first floor desks perspect
Spaces office doubled desks perspectives
Spaces office first floor perspective 2.
Spaces office second floor desk and tier
Spaces office second floor tiered seat p
Spaces office second floor bench perspec
Spaces office Section.jpg
Spaces office section left.jpg