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B&q plumbing play 

Second Year University Project

The brief for this project was to design an area that would create footfall to the plumbing department.


Many families visit B&Q but it can be a boring and unstimulating place but it has the potential to be a place of learning for all ages. B&Q Plumbing Play would be an area for children of varying ages and their parents to understand and learn about plumbing and get a tactile experience of some of the products from the department in a fun and engaging way.

Different games have been designed for different ages with heights and reach taken into careful consideration. The ball drop wall would be made from FloPlast pipes and would be an activity for families to enjoy by working together. The interactive Speedfit screen kiosk games simulate a leak on the floor when the game isn't completed correctly. There is also a small slide, bridge and crawl tunnel designed for the youngest of the family to learn about what happens to water.


The design took inspiration from the Tokyo Toilet and Human Waste Museum and Makoto Tanijiri's Nature Factory.

Holly Thomas B&Q Plumbing Play.jpg
play zone scene 9.jpg
play zone scene 4.jpg
play zone scene 6.jpg
play zone scene 8.jpg
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