box park north, leeds

Second Year University Project

Boxpark is a pop up retail park made from shipping containers. There are three Boxpark sites: Croydon, Shoreditch and Wembley.


The project brief was to create a retail or lifestyle experience for a brand in a shipping container for a new Boxpark in Leeds called Boxpark North. I was given the brand Dermalogica.

Dermalogica is a skincare brand that uses analysis of the skin, called Face Mapping, to provide the right products for the right skin concerns, for example: dry, aging or acne prone.


Consumers book in for a session with a Skin Therapist for Face Mapping on the consultation screens or use the Speed Mapping screens if they have limited time and/or know the type of products that they want to try and therefore skip the consultation stage. 


 The Skin Bar is where the Face Mapping and consultation happens. The professional Skin Therapists analyse 14 areas of the face to create a tailored Skin Fitness Plan which is sent over to the Results Bar. 

At the Results Bar, staff will collect the respective samples that correspond to the unique Skin Fitness Plan and give information to the consumer about the products and suggest a daily routine. Here the consumer will also be given a discount code to use if they are satisfied with the product samples and wish to buy more.


Accents of color have been used to aid those with visual impairments and lower desks have been incorporated for wheelchair users.

Boxpark3signage faded final.jpg
final perspective 1 with background.jpg
scene 5 box park FINAL.jpg
dermalogica MATERIAL BOARD.jpg
dermalogica plan and section.jpg
boxpark 1 with dermalogica.jpg